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Jalen (Jdubbz) Jamison Is the founder of an independent record label based out of White Plains, New York (Inner Circle Records, LLC). His goal is to be a leading force in this new age that both the entertainment industry, and world are going into. He has ideas further than music, such as: his clothing line, men's fragrance, and even an alcoholic beverage.
The music industry has changed a lot. Its a very narrow market now, and unless you have the proper connections, or an ample supply of resources to get you to those connections there's a very slim chance of you even getting a look.
Talent doesn't win the competition anymore, and that's a fact. You have to be able to market yourself and your music as you would market any other product, and that's what I plan to do. Giving up is not a part of his mind set.
Inspired by early Rap & Hip-Hop legends of the '90s - Jdubbz J. grew up in a musically rich environment. With his father being a DJ, with deep roots in the music industry; and his uncle being a master lyricist; he created his own sound which is constantly changing, and expanding. Though focused on music; he is also very business oriented, and, an entrepreneur. He has successfully started his own clothing line Lowlyfe™ Apparel, and has many other ideas in mind that he plans to move forward on in the future.
Country: United States of America
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