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JAMES “BOUTIT BOI” Benjamin was born in Pahokee, FL, with a small population of 6,000. Raised in Belle Glade, FL with a population of 18,000 located in “Palm Beach County Florida ”. This area is known as "THA MUCK" for its major sugar cane industry and talented football players throughout colleges and NFL. BOUTIT BOI grew up in the heart of the streets,constantly bombarded by the high crime rate, drugs, and violence that existed there. Although he was consumed by that world and was incarcerated numerous times, BOUTIT BOI managed to graduate from Glade Central High School in 1999 and with the help of friends and family he avoided the street corners started doing music and proceeded to enroll in college. BOUTIT BOI isn’t just a talented rapper, but also in the summer of 2007 he learned to produce beats, write lyrics, and even engineer a studio.
This multifaceted artist was majorly influenced by the talented rappers, DJ’s, producers, and promoters throughout south Florida. Some artists that he listened to growing up include 8Ball & MGJ, Scarface, NWA, Trick Daddy,too short,easy e,Michael Jackson,
2 live Crew,Ghetto Boyz, R-Kelly, Isley Brothers,Keith sweat and his older cousin Andre in Outkast Music Group.He release his 4th mixtape, “Hearts Of A Champion”, March 17,2014 which is an original production of hard-hitting Rap and R&B songs. With his energetic personality and ability to pull you into his world,He also released His Freshman Lp Album Reflections March 17, 2015 on itunes,Google play spotify,this is Classical.With a Combination of hip hop and R&B type songs,Feel free to Keep up with BOUTIT BOI on his twitter for all update on shows and latest music projects @561BOUTITBOI Twitter/Instagram

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