Hip Hop

Young Hadene

Young Hadene feature for $1000

hello my name is young hadene and i have a big fan base of 6m+ people and i... Read more

by HadeneC 
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B7ayre, Hip-Hop or RnB

B7ayre, Hip-Hop or RnB feature for $100

My name is Blayre Fernander, I am a New Bahamian Artist living in the Bahamas. My... Read more

by therealblayre 
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Hip hop verse for

Hip hop verse for feature for $500

RAM DOGG P is an independent artist based in Amsterdam Holland.For any... Read more

by ramdoggp 
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A.B. feature for $2000

https://m.soundcloud.com/ab-rezbombbngerz Read more

by rezbomb_bangerz 
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Auzzy Blanco

Auzzy Blanco feature for $100

Purchase a verse from rapper Auzzy Blanco for $100. ... Read more

by lilfooch 
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1 feature for $150

Freestyle Artist from Northwest Indiana. Read more

by TheLaw219 
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Vibren feature for $100

Versatile artist. I have a decent following and I have a song being processed for... Read more

by YesItsVibren 
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Beat feature for $100

Professional beats of multi sub genre's of Hip Hop... Read more

by MikeAladen 
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Jom Rapstar feature

Jom Rapstar feature feature for $100

Jom Rapstar is a Hip Hop artist from Portland, Oregon. Raised in 6 different... Read more

by JomRapstarmusic 
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Versescriptolution scriptolution

Verse feature for $750

Indie Priority Artist. Toured with Lupe twice. Just released new project "Windy"... Read more

by TheBoyIllinois 
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1scriptolution scriptolution

1 feature for $500

www.soundcloud.com/casinoroulette Read more

by Casino 
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1 Rap Feature (Collab) From KingRama

1 Rap Feature (Collab) From KingRama feature for $500

Soundcloud.com/604rama Soundclick.com/KingRama hurry buy now prices and going... Read more

by 604RamaRecords 
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Cut Throat Donyscriptolution scriptolution

Cut Throat Dony feature for $200

Cut throat dony is a hip-hop recording artist & songwriter from columbus... Read more

by Dony_SoColumbus 
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Brett Deadly

Brett Deadly feature for $100

https://soundcloud.com/bdeadly/tracks... Read more

by BrettDeadly 
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16 Bar Verse

16 Bar Verse feature for $75

I will destroy a verse on one of your tracks! plus i have adecent following up... Read more

by iamkingmellow 
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Ron Mac 11

Ron Mac 11 feature for $250

Ron mac 11 https://soundcloud.com/ronmac11 New York Artist: Ron Mac 11 First... Read more

by ronmac_11 
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The Only

The Only feature for $20

https://soundcloud.com/user-442382127 Read more

by kevinwilcox16 
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Feature EMCEE GHOSTscriptolution scriptolution

Feature EMCEE GHOST feature for $9

https://soundcloud.com/user-991010264/hamus-kutiziva-y-s-l Read more

by emceeghost263 
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1 feature for $150

Two quality features for $150 Fast response and quick delivery Constant... Read more

by kingmichael_ 
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One Man Kru (of Keepaz of the Krypt)scriptolution scriptolution

One Man Kru (of Keepaz of the Krypt) feature for $250

Get a CHRYSTAL CLEAR 16 bar verse from international pro-wrestler, actor &... Read more

by OneManKru 
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Hooks or verses

Express Hooks or verses feature for $100

https://m.soundcloud.com/2kiso/nesto-x-ogiso-dont-wanna-wait Or check out... Read more

by NestoStayIso 
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Onescriptolution scriptolution

One feature for $322

Soundcloud.com/therealjdubbz Jalen (Jdubbz) Jamison. Is the founder of... Read more

by iamjdubbz 
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Verse feature for $250

I'm a versatile musician, Ive delt with the streets and the legal life so I can... Read more

by FL_EasyMoney 
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